Workflow Settings

Workflow Settings

sa08WorkflowSettings.jpgThe Workflow Settings in Conductor Studio allows you to set properties for the entire workflow.

Workflow Title (Required): Enter a name for the workflow. This name is displayed wherever this workflow is referenced within SharePoint.

Workflow Description: This is an optional setting that allows you to add a short description of the workflow. It is displayed in Conductor Studio, and also in the list of workflows for a list or library.

Start Options: Select a start option for the workflow, from the list of workflow start options available in SharePoint. The default is Allow this workflow to be manually started by an authenticated user with Edit Items Permissions.


  • The Start options Start this workflow when a new item is created and Start this workflow when an item is changed cannot be used if a workflow initialization form exists for the workflow. See Workflow Forms for more information.
  • The option Start this workflow to approve publishing a major version of an item is not available for Simple Publishing workflows. It is only available for Solution Deployment workflows. If the list or library is not configured to use major and minor versioning, this start option will be disabled, as seen in the screen shot below.
  • Start options only apply to workflows published to the list, site, or site collection; they do not apply to workflows published as site workflows.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: After entering or updating any of the settings listed above, click Apply to save your changes.

sa08WorkflowSettingsWF.jpgWorkflow Forms: You can create a workflow initialization form that collects additional information from the user when a workflow is started. Data collected via this form is stored in parameters that can later be used by the workflow using a Workflow Variable lookup. For more information about creating a workflow initialization form, see Create a new workflow initialization form.

This is an optional workflow setting.

NOTE: You can access the initialization Form Builder from the Workflow Conductor Studio ribbon also.
init form in menu1.png

sa08WorkflowVars.jpgWorkflow Variables: Variables store data while the workflow is running. They can be accessed and manipulated by widgets, and some widgets may require that a variable be created to store results. The contents of workflow variables are accessed using a lookup when the workflow runs.

To create a variable, click Add Variable to open the Workflow Variables form. Enter a Name for the variable, select a data Type, and optionally define a Default Value. Click Add to add the new variable to the workflow. Be sure to click Save Changes to save the variables you add. If you later want to delete a variable, return to the Workflow Variables form and click the button next to the variable.

NOTE: You can access the Workflow Variables form from the Workflow Conductor Studio ribbon also.
init form in menu1.png

sa08WorkflowVarsCreateLink.jpgWorkflow variables can also be added directly from widgets that use variables, using the Create new variable link. This link opens the Workflow Variables form.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: After adding, updating, or deleting variables using the Workflow Variables Form, always click Save Changes in the Workflow Variables form or your changes will not be saved.