World Clock and Weather Product Summary

World Clock and Weather Product Summary

World Clock and Weather Features

WorldClockWeather.pngThe Bamboo Solutions World Clock & Weather Web Part allows users to display local time and weather for selected major cities around the globe.

Key Features
Show weather or clock by location with temperature, date, and time.
Show temperature in celsius and/or fahrenheit.
Show only date, time and location.
Choose from analog or digital clock styles as well as colors.
Choose a date and time format.
Change the font and font color of the date and time, temperature and location.
Show the country or province of a location.
Arrange the weather or clocks vertically or horizontally.
Show as many locations as you want with the option to scroll through each location.
Holiday Features
Configure the Web Part so that snow falls and gathers at the bottom of the screen when users access the page that contains this Web Part.
Set the density of the snow fall (i.e. 50%, 75%, etc.).
Indicate whether the snow will fall on a light background or dark background. Light background snow is darker colored for visibility.
Show a custom Holiday message that moves across the Web Part.

World Clock and Weather Limitations

The following limitations apply to World Clock and Weather when it is connected to a File Share Library:

  • Item versioning is not supported.
  • The Document ribbon item options E-mail a Link and Download a Copy do not work properly.
  • The World Clock and Weather Upload Media File and New Media File Link options will use the default Document Library upload page, not the customized World Clock and Weather page with the link to supported file types. The functionality is the same.