Assigning template managers

Assigning template managers

Template managers have special rights in the template gallery:

  • Template managers can open or delete any template created by any workflow designer using the Manage Templates tab. This template gallery area is only visible to template managers.
  • Template managers can stop sharing templates shared by any designer by deleting the shared copy in the Manage Templates tab.
  • Template managers can add or remove templates from the Featured Templates list.

To assign one or more template managers for Conductor Studio:

Step Action Result
1. Go to Central Administration and click the Workflow Conductor section.


2. In the Workflow Conductor Control Panel, click Template Management.
3. In the Template Management page, add individual users to the Template Managers list. The users you select must also have access to Conductor Studio (see Workflow Designers for more information).
4. Click OK to save your changes.

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