Calculate Widget

Calculate Widget

The Calculate widget accepts Excel-style functions and stores the results in a workflow variable. Function parameters can include lookups, and functions can be nested to perform multiple operations.

Step Action Result
1. Click the Icon-Ellipsis button to enter a formula:

Formula (Required):

  • Create Formula: Enter a formula in the formula box. For a list of available functions and usage information, click the Help sa08CalcHelpButton.jpg button.

  • Add Lookup: To insert a lookup in a function, click the Add Lookup button. See Using Lookups in Workflow Studio for more information.

2. Select a workflow variable with a Text, Date Time, or Number data type to store the results from the calculation. Save to Variable (Required)
Create variables in the Workflow Settings tab in the settings pane, or click the Create new variable link next to the variable list.
3. Click Apply to save the widget settings.

Widget in Action:

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