Configuring Calendar Plus General Settings

Configuring Calendar Plus General Settings

Overview of Calendar Plus Configuration settings

Image: Calendar Plus General Settings screen The Calendar Plus General Settings screen defines the general behavior of the web part.

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated the images in the Settings column represent the default configuration settings. In the table below, we provide some icons to help you quickly find a setting. You will not find them in the web part; they are provided here simply to help guide you to the appropriate setting as a visual guide.

Visual Guides Description Function

Default View


By default you see a Month view, but this can be changed using the drop down selector.
Select the Default Calendar View that will be displayed when users access the page.




The toolbar allows users to interact with the Calendar Plus display, making calendar views and features, such as printing, available to end users. Uncheck Display Toolbar to hide the Calendar Plus toolbar.

NOTE: You can individually hide toolbar features



Display Legend Values feature added in Calendar Plus 4.5

NOTE: Display Legend and Display Icon are not checked by default

When you check Display Legend and maintain the default Bottom legend location, you will be given the choice of displaying the legend values as a Column or Row.
If you select Left or Right as the legend locations the legend values will be displayed in a column.

Display Icon


If the data source was configured with a Column to identify by Icons the values (or icons) associated with that column will be visible in the legend when Display Icon is selected.

Display Icon option added in Calendar Plus 4.5

NOTE: Display Icon is not checked by default.

Image showing the data source's legend, with icons, when Display Icon is set to yes
Image showing the data source’s legend, with icons, when Display Icon is set to yes.

Tooltip Display


Tooltip Display Delay option added in Calendar Plus 4.6 The default value is 0 to make the tooltip appear instantly. Set the length of delay, in milliseconds, before displaying the tooltip popup.

Go to Date & Print Options


Calendar_GenSet_Toolbar_opts.png Calendar_GenSet_toolbar_cut.png
The Go To Date and Print buttons cannot be moved in the toolbar.

Available Views


Icon-Warning IMPORTANT: Calendar Plus must be configured to Base the Calendar on… an Interval (Start Date and End Date) at the bottom of the General Settings screen to display a Gantt view.

All available views are displayed in the toolbar by default. Use the < button to remove unwanted views from the Selected Calendar Views list box.

  • Keep the Default Calendar View in the Selected Calendar Views list box.

  • You can use CTRL+click or SHIFT+click to select items.

  • Use the up and down arrows to change the view order in the toolbar

Max Items Displayed


Calendar_GenSet_MaxItems_a.png Calendar_GenSet_MaxItems.png Identifies the Maximum Number of Items to Display in the Month, Quarter and Year views.

If there are additional items a More… link will be displayed.

Disable Item Link



Select the Disable Item Link check box to prevent users from being able to click the item from the calendar and access the Edit form.

NOTE: This option will be grayed out if Calendar Plus is configured to use SQL Tables or Views or BDC and MashPoint as the data source

Filter List


Filter Lists feature added in Calendar Plus 4.5
Calendar_GenSet_FilterLists.png When Show Filter Lists is checked, users will be able to filter the calendar display by the lists and libraries selected for display in the SharePoint List and Library data source configuration at runtime.

Text Settings


Calendar_GenSet_TextWrap.png When Text Wrap is set to yes, enter the desired Height of Display Text to show multiple lines of text from the Display column selected when configuring the data source. This setting will apply to all item cells.

Calendar Size


By default the size of the web part will Automatically Adjust…to fit the Web part zone

Keep in mind:

  • Setting the calendar size to the minimum height(100 pixles) and width(750 pixles)values, will require users to vertically scroll to see the full calendar.

Quick Delete



Check the Quick Delete box to allow users to delete items by clicking a small ‘x’ that is visible when the mouse cursor is moved over the item.

NOTE: This option will be grayed out if Calendar Plus is configured to use SQL Tables or Views or BDC and MashPoint as the data source

Recurring Items


Calendar_GenSet_RecEvents.png Calendar_GenSet_RecurringItem.png
By default Recurring items are identified by a icon in the upper left corner of the item cell. If an item in the recurring series was edited, it will be indicated with a red slash through the icon.

Base Calendar



Determine whether you want to Base Calendar on a Single Start Date or Interval

  • An Interval will require you to define a Start Date and End Date when the data source settings are configured

  • Calendar_GenSet_SingleDate.png Selecting Single Date will change the data source settings so you can only select one date column.

Overview of Calendar Plus Configuration settings