Create a PM Central Project site

Create a PM Central Project site

Getting started with PM Central

SiteActions_NewSiteX.png PM Central uses Site Creation Plus to create project and department sites in a portfolio to simplify the site creation process.

Keep in mind:

  • PM Central project and department sites should not be created using the SharePoint New Site dialog box

To create a PM Central project site:

Step Action Result

On the Portfolio site click the
Create New Project… button on the Portfolio home page


From the Central Actions drop down menu, click Add New Project

These options will only be visible to users with Full Control permission levels or the Create Sub site permission Links to Add a new project

Enter a Title for the site

The text entered here will become the URL for the site.

Fields in Site Creation Plus

Choose the permissions for the site.

NOTE: This area may have been hidden.

4. Select the template from the available options.
5. Enter any other known information about the project into the Project Health list
6. Click Create You will be taken to the home page of the new project site