DWG Configuration Overview

DWG Configuration Overview

How to configure your server to parse drawing files.

Creating Document Library Content Types – The capabilities and limitations of the DWG Parser Solution Accelerator are closely tied to its use of SharePoint content types to achieve the mappings between title block attributes and SharePoint data columns. It is important to have a fundamental understanding of the concept of SharePoint content types in order to get the most out of the DWG Parser product.

Content Types in SharePoint allow you to define the meta-data that is stored with an item of a particular type. The References section, located at the end of this document, contains step by step instructions for creating a new content type. You can also get general information regarding content types online from the MSDN link also provided in the References section.

NOTE: DWG Parser only works with Document Library-based content types. Mappings based on other content types are not allowed by the DWG Parser Configuration Application. Those content types will not appear in the list of available choices.

Running the DWG Parser Configuration Application – Launch the DWG Parser Configuration by clicking on either the Desktop shortcut or Programs menu shortcut created during the client install process. The shortcuts will be titled Bamboo DWG Parser Client Application. Once the application launches, the Main Menu is displayed.

DWG001.jpgThe main menu screen provides you with two options.

  1. You can define a new extraction mapping
  2. You can remove an existing extraction mapping

The user interface is designed to work like a standard wizard; successive screens guide you through the configuration process. Click the Next text or arrow icon in the bottom right corner of each screen to advance to the next configuration step. Use the Go Back link or arrow icon at the top right of the screen to return to the previous configuration step. The Cancel link and icon aborts any pending new or removal operations and returns you to the Main Menu screen.

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