How to create a sticky topic

How to create a sticky topic

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A “sticky” topic stays at the top of the page so that users see it immediately when going to the discussion board. It might be important information that you want to convey to participants, such as the rules and etiquette for participating in the discussion.

The Discussion Board Plus “Mark as Sticky” feature increases the importance of a topic in the view and “sticks” it to the top of the list, regardless of when the topic was first posted. Topics can be marked or unmarked as Sticky even after the thread is Locked. Multiple sticky topics will be listed in descending order by the date they were last updated. Sticky topics have the sticky icon (Icon-Sticky) next to them in the view.

  • When Sticky is enabled, you must have at least the Manage Lists permission in SharePoint to use the feature.
  • Sticky must be enabled in the Configure Forum Settings before it is an available option in a Discussion Board Plus forum in Community Central*.
  • For more information about permissions required to use Sticky, see Community Central Permissions Needed*.

* Several Bamboo products feature Discussion Board Plus as part of the package and our documentation will call out the product wherever clarity is needed in using the product.