How to Export to Excel

How to Export to Excel

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The example below shows a Data-Viewer Web Part with Export to Excel enabled. Since it is configured with nested data, there are two export links shown:

  • Export to Excel. This will export the data from the parent list.
  • Export Nested Data to Excel. This will export the nested data. Depending on the configuration option chosen, it will export all the nested data or just the expanded nested data.

    dvwp with nested data.png

If the Enable Export to Excel or Enable Export Nested Data to Excel option is enabled, an Export to Excel link is displayed at the bottom right corner of the Data-Viewer display. Follow these steps to export the data:

Step Action

Export data by clicking either Export to Excel link. The message below will appear:
save2 or choose filename for exported data.png

Choose to Open the file, or choose Save or Save As from the Save menu to save it before opening. Otherwise, click Cancel to close the message without opening or saving the file.


Open the Excel file. Depending on how your export was configured, you may see all the nested data, or just the nested data that was shown (expanded) when you clicked Export.

If your data is exported with formatting, it will look similar to that shown below.

formatted data in Excel.png

NOTE: Exporting with formatting means that dates will appear in Excel as Date columns, as shown in the screen shot above. Other columns, such as the % Complete column will be formatted appropriately as well.

The screen shot below shows the same data exported without formatting. Notice how the Date columns and the % Complete appear differently. Also, notice that tags (i.e., <p> and </p>) appear in the Description column, which is a multi-line rich text column.

exported nested data without formatting.png

Icon-Tip Although it takes a bit longer to export with formatting, if you will need to format the Excel data, you may save some time by exporting with formatting!

User Guide Infographic Overview of Data-Viewer display