Increase or decrease duration in Task Master

Increase or decrease duration in Task Master

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Use the Increase or decrease the duration so the task ends sooner or later but requires the same total work option when you are adding or removing resources, but want to keep total work the same.

Use Case:

  • JeffOwner has an assigned task – Define Corporate Goals and Objectives.
  • The task has a Start Date of 10/12/2012
  • The task has a Due Date of 10/14/2012
  • The task has a Duration of 2 days and Work of 16 hours.
  • Richard will assign a resource to the existing task and the End Date and Duration will change.
  • Work will remain the same.


* Richard updates the task as shown below. John QA has been assigned to the task at 100%.

* Richard clicks the Recalculate button from the toolbar.


The task now shows Due Date of 11/13/2012 and Duration of 1 day. Work remains the same at 16 hours.

The following table defines which items are recalculated based on the type of task.

Task Type If Duration is modified If Work is modified If Assignment Units is modified
Fixed Work Task Assignment Units is recalculated Duration is recalculated Duration is recalculated
Fixed Duration Task Work is recalculated Assignment Units is recalculated Work is recalculated

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