Overview of Importing

Overview of Importing

The steps below will walk you through the migration process. Click on the links in each step for additional configuration details.

If you are using a trial version of this product, please note the 15-item trial limit, which will automatically be enforced during the migration.


Select & Connect to an import source

Click on the source links below for additional details on configuring each data source.

Sharepoint: any library or list

Local: xls, xlsx, csv, txt, NFS, folders or directories

SQL : SQL database through an ODBC connection to Sharepoint


Connect to a Target Site

Enter your Sharepoint version, site URL, authentication, and login credentials.
You can also specify a specific list or library directly via URL.


Click on Migrate Tab & Select Target List or Library
Use the Target List or Library button to bring up the treeview selector, where you can choose a target and click OK.

NOTE: If you choose to delete existing target list content, it will delete the items in the default view of the target list. If the default view is filtered, not all items will be deleted.


Map Source to Target
Configure how and where source will import to target.


Migration Configuration Options


Pre-Migration Check

Confirm Migration details.

mig check.png
7. Complete the Migration & View Log
View a summary of the migration & log details.
mig complete.png
8. Advanced Features