Overview of List Rotator Configuration Tool Pane

Overview of List Rotator Configuration Tool Pane

To configure the List Rotator web part, add it to the page, access the web part tool pane, and follow these steps:

Step Action
1. SP2010 tool pane-lang.pngSelect a language. See Localize Bamboo Web Parts for your Language for more information.

hw21 tool pane list and view.pngChoose a list and a view of that list. Use the view to filter the items displayed and/or to make certain fields available for view.


  1. You can rotate only lists on the current site.
  2. Make sure that the view you select is a public view.
  3. Survey lists and threaded views of Discussion replies cannot be rotated.
  4. Users see only items they have permission to see. If you restrict access to some items for some users, those restricted items will be dropped from the rotation for those users.

hw21 tool pane-style.pngSelect a Style. Available layout styles include:

  • Default
  • Basic Table
  • Boxed, no labels
  • Boxed
  • Newsletter
  • Newsletter, no lines
  • Shaded
  • Custom

The Default layout style leaves the HTML and CSS for the Web Part as-is. For detailed information on other available styles, see Layout Styles.


hw21 tool pane-rotate.pngSelect a Rotate Style. Available options are:

  • Scroll – scrolls and stops briefly for each item(video here)
  • SmoothScroll – doesn’t stop at each item, but rather scrolls smoothly through all items
  • Random
  • Slideshow – shows each item individually

For examples of the available rotate styles, see Rotate Styles for links to short video clips of each style.


hw21 tool pane-effect.png Select an Effect. Effect is enabled only when the Rotate Style is set to Random. The available choices are:

  • GradientWipe
  • Pixelate
  • Dissolved

For examples of the available effects, see Rotate Styles for links to short video clips of each effect.


hw21 tool panedirection.png Select the Direction of the rotation. Available choices are:

  • Up – vertically towards the top of the page
  • Down – vertically towards the bottom of the page
  • Left – horizontally to the left
  • Right – horizontally to the right

hw21 tool paneSpeed.pngSelect whether you want to specify a speed or a delay effect. If you click the Default radio button, the available speed choices are:

  • Slow
  • Medium
  • Fast

For greater control of the default speed, choose the Delay Effect radio button and enter a number between 1 and 20. Think of the number as the number of seconds each item will be displayed (although it’s not really seconds). The higher the number, the slower the rotating speed.

8. hw21 rotating item order.pngIf the selection in Step 4 above is Scroll, select the Rotating Item Order. Choose the order associated with the selected list view or choose a random order.
9. hw21 tool pane-numofitems.pngChoose how many items should be displayed at once. Choose any number between 1 and 10.