Overview of the Project’s PM Central Control Panel

Overview of the Project’s PM Central Control Panel

Getting started with PM Central Overview of the Project Site

Screen shot of the Central Actions drop down menu.
The PM Central Control Panel for project sites provides a central location for users to manage the administrative functions of the site.

Users with Full Control or Design permissions can access the PM Central Control Panel from the Central Actions drop down menu.

When working with the PM Central Control Panel keep in mind:

  • The contents of the control panel are security trimmed so not all options will be visible to users with Design permissions. The table below identifies the permission level required to see specific links.

  • Project sites created using the PM Central Lite template will not include links relating to the Reporting and Resource Management features. Additional information on the differences between the Full and Lite templates is available here

NOTE: The PM Central Control Panel was introduced with PM Central 4.0

PMC Control Panel – Full Control display

PM Central Control panel as seen by a user with Full Control

Visible to users with… Section
1. Full Control / Limited options for users with Design Permissions PM Central General Settings
The links under PM Central General Settings allow the Administrator to access key lists, and change the site’s appearance.
2. Full Control / Limited options for users with Design Permissions Application Actions
The links under Application Actions allow administrators to hide columns from the Project Health and Tasks forms, and manage list content.

Icon-WarningImportant: The Show or Hide Columns in lists tool is the only supported method for hiding columns in PM Central. Do not delete default columns from PM Central lists.

3. Full Control / Design

Referenced in the project’s Configuration Checklist

Report Center
1. Working Settings
By default, PM Central defines a work week as Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM with lunch between 12-1PM, resulting in an 8 hour work day and 40 hour work week. If your organization officially uses a longer or shorter standard work week you will need to update Task Master’s Work Week Settings when completing the project site’s Configuration Checklist and make changes here in the work week center
Project center Report Settings screen

If a project site in the portfolio is configured to use a greater number of working hours than those identified in the portfolio site, the project’s working hours will be used to calculate the capacity of all resources assigned to tasks on that site. More information is available here

2. Holiday List Settings
Associate the Report Center with a holiday list so your company’s designated holidays are not included in resource capacity calculations.

  • Enter in the URL to the site where the holiday list is located

  • Click the green arrow button to populate the drop down selector with the list found on the site.

  • Select the desired list and click Save

Icon-WarningImportant: The same holiday list will need to be referenced by other Web Parts in PM Central. Click here to find out more

4. Full Control / Design Provides access to the site’s Configuration Checklist
5. Full Control / Design Resource Center
The provided links take users into the Resource Center giving access to the Project Resource Pool, Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning reports and Resource Assignments.
6. Full Control / Design PM Central Information
Look at the File Version to determine what version of PM Central is installed in your farm.