A quick guide to setting up PM Central

A quick guide to setting up PM Central

Configuring PM Central

Follow these steps so you can quickly start using PM Central to manage your projects:

Note: You will need to be logged in to an account that has the SharePoint Full Control permission level to complete many of the steps below.

Step Action
1. Icon-WarningImportant:
Read this before you create a PM Central Portfolio or Stand-alone site.

Determine which of the PM Central Template options will best meet the needs of your organization.

1. PM Central uses StandardFull templates by default.
2. If you elect to use the Lite or Stand-alone templates you will need to activate the related Site Collection feature.

3. Create the Portfolio (or Stand-alone) site.

Complete the Portfolio site’s Configuration Checklist.

NOTE: If you created a Stand-alone site in the step above, complete the site’s configuration check list then skip ahead to Step 7.

5. Create a Project Site.
6. Complete the Project Site’s Configuration Checklist.
8. Optional:
Create and configure PM Central department sites to provide a filtered view of the portfolio.