Portfolio Control Panel – General Settings

Portfolio Control Panel – General Settings

Overview of Portfolio PMC Control Panel

Like everything in PM Central the options presented under PM Central General Settings are security trimmed. The features available to users working with a standard PM Central portfolio will depend on whether they have Full Control or Design permissions on the portfolio site.

Image: PM Central General Settings in portfolio site Control Panel

1. The images in the Function column show the default configuration settings.
2. The Resource Center Settings link will not be available under PM Central General Settings if the portfolio was created using a Lite template.

Link Permissions Function
Lists Full Control / Design

Provides access to the list of all lists, libraries and sites on the site. For a summary of the default List and Libraries included in the portfolio site, click here.

NOTE: This page can also be accessed by selecting View All Site Content under Site Actions

Site Settings Full Control only Provides access to the standard SharePoint Site Settings page
Alerts Setup

Referenced in the portfolio’s Configuration Checklist

Full Control only The Alerts Setup link provide access to the Alert Plus Web Part where the predefined alerts can be enabled and/or modified, and new alerts created.
image of the default alerts in Alert Plus
Manage PM Central Features Full Control only There are several optional features that can be activated or deactivated from the Manage PM Central Features page of the portfolio site.
Change Skin Full Control only Five site skins are provided for the portfolio site to allow the look and feel of the site to be quickly changed.
Delete Site Full Control only Using the Delete Site link in the portfolio’s Control Panel will delete the portfolio site and all the portfolio’s sub sites (project sites).
Icon-Warning IMPORTANT: You cannot undo this action
Delete site screen
Resource Center Settings

Referenced in the portfolio’s Configuration Checklist

Full Control/ Design

Image of the Resource Settings Screen in the Portfolio Control Panel

1. Working Settings
Define the Working Days and Hours that will be used in PM Central. The settings here should be consistent with the settings specified when completing the project site’s Configuration Checklist

Icon-Warning IMPORTANT: If a project site in the portfolio was configured to use a greater number of working hours than those identified here at the portfolio site, the project’s working hours will be used to calculate the capacity of all resources assigned to tasks on that site. More information is available here

2. Holiday List Settings
Associate the Resource Center with a holiday list so your company’s designated holidays are not included in resource capacity calculations.

  • Enter in the URL to the site where the holiday list is located

  • Click the green arrow button to populate the drop down selector with the list found on the site.

  • Select the desired list and click Save

Icon-WarningImportant: The same holiday list will need to be referenced by other Web Parts in PM Central. Click here to find out more.

3. Report Settings
By default all resource reports are security trimmed so users with access to the Resource Center will only see resource information pertaining to projects they have permissions to access.
To allow all users with access to the Report Center to see reports generated by the System Account that will contain comprehensive information on all resource allocation across the portfolio, click the Report Settings check box.
The Report Settings feature was added in PM Central 4.3

Auto Update Settings

Referenced in the portfolio’s Configuration Checklist

Full Control only Administrators can set the default value of the Project Health list’s Auto Update field to Yes by checking the Auto Update box. This default setting will be applied to all new sites created in the portfolio.
Auto Update screen

Auto Update Settings were added in PMC. 4.3.

Overview of Portfolio PMC Control Panel