Portfolio Control Panel – Resource Center

Portfolio Control Panel – Resource Center

Overview of Portfolio PMC Control Panel

The Resource Management link in the portfolio’s PM Central Control Panel, provides access to the Resource Center which consists of 4 separate subsections.

The Resource Center in PMC


The contents of the portfolio’s Enterprise Resource Pool (ERP) list are displayed on the landing page of the portfolio Resource Center.

When working with the ERP keep in mind:

To add users to the ERP:

  1. Manually add user information into the list list by selecting the Add New Item link found on the page and completing the associated form.


  2. Import users with the User Profile Import utility (see #4)


Under the Resource Assignments tab you will find a Gantt display of all tasks for all projects sorted by resource.

  • For information on using the web part click here.

  • For information on changing the number of items per page, click here.


The Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning tab provides access to a number of reports detailing resource capacity, allocation by resource, project, resource availability and others.

  • Click here for a summary of the PM Central Resource reports available
  • For information on how to generate a resource report, click here

  • For information on configuring the PM Central resource reports, click here

4. User Profile Imports provides a tool to import resource information into the Enterprise Resource Pool from the SharePoint User Profile Database.