PM Central Portfolio Site

PM Central Portfolio Site

Overview of PM Central Hierarchy

The Portfolio Site is the top site in the PM Central hierarchy and provides a place where information regarding the health of projects managed within the portfolio can be quickly relayed to executives and stakeholders through dashboards that report on tasks, issues, risks and schedules, and data views and charts that are easily accessed using site’s navigation links.

The 8 default navigation tabs for the Portfolio site

Name / Web Part Description
1. Top Site Navigators

SharePoint Navigators

The eight default items in the Top Site Navigator view of the Top Site Navigators list make up the Portfolio sites top level navigation.

The tabs take users to different aspx pages that contain Web Parts that are used to display specific content relevant to the Portfolio site.

2. Central Actions Menu

Central Actions drop down menuThe Central Actions menu provides quick access to areas where common activities are performed on the site, including Adding a New Site and the PM Central Control Panel.

Keep In Mind:
1. Use the bulls eye icon Bullseye iconto access Central Actions in 2013
2. Users must have Design permissions or higher on the site to see the PM Central Control Panel in the Central Actions menu
3. Users must have Full Control to see the Add New Project link in the Central Actions menu.

3. Site Actions Menu

Site Actions drop down menuThe SharePoint Site Actions menu provides shortcuts to commands commonly used when working with SharePoint sites. The command options you see depend on your permissions on the site.

1. New Sites should be created using the PM Central Site Creation Plus tool NOT from SharePoint’s New Site page
2. A list of Site Contents is available here

Overview of PM Central Hierarchy