Project General Settings

Project General Settings

Overview of Project PMC Control Panel

Like everything in PM Central the options presented under PM Central General Settings are security trimmed. The features available to users working with a standard PM Central project site will depend on whether they have Full Control or Design permissions on the site.

Image: PM Central General Settings in project site Control Panel

Link Permissions Function
Lists Full Control / Design

Provides access to the list of all lists, libraries and sites on the site. For a summary of the default List and Libraries included in the project site click here.

NOTE: This page can also be accessed by selecting View All Site Content under Site Actions

Task list Settings Full Control only Provides a link to the Task’s List Settings page
Calendar list settings Full Control only Provides a link to the Calendar’s List Settings page
Project Info List Settings Full Control only Provides a link to the Project Health’s List Settings page.
Change Skin Full Control only Five site skins are provided for the project site to allow the apperance of the site to be quickly changed.
Manage PM Central Features Full Control only There are several optional features that can be activated or deactivated from the Manage PM Central Features page of the Portfolio site.
Delete Site Full Control only Using the Delete Site link in the Portfolio’s Control Panel will delete the project site and all related site content.
Icon-Warning IMPORTANT: You cannot undo this action
Delete site screen