PM Central Project – Issues Tab

PM Central Project – Issues Tab

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An issue is an unfavorable circumstance that has already occurred or is currently occurring and that is affecting the project’s cost, schedule or quality.
The Issues page displays the active issues associated with the project, along with a chart summarizing all the issues created.

When working with Issues keep in mind:

  • All issues with an active phase status that are associated with active projects will be rolled up and displayed under the Issues tab of the portfolio, and applicable department sites.

  • By default, the number of overdue issues will be used by the Issues Status Key Performance Indicator in the Project Health list.

  • Information about creating a new issue is available here

The Issues and Risks pages were separated under the Issues and Risks tab in PM Central 4.3
Issues tab on the project site

Name / Web Part Description
1. All Active Issues

Bamboo Data-Viewer Web Part

  • The Issues tab shows the active issues associated with the project.
2. Issue Summary

Bamboo Chart Plus Web Part

  • The Issue Summary displays, in chart form, the number and percentage of issues by status (Active, Deferred and Closed).
3. Issues Search

Bamboo List Search Simple

Use the Issues Search Web Part to search the project site’s Issues list for items according to specific criteria.

Keep in mind:

  • The Web Part is configured by default to use an AND joiner. If you enter more than one criterion, all criteria must be met for a result to be returned.

  • The Status “choice” selector will list the valid choices in the drop-down selector (Active, Deferred, Closed) and a Select All option.

  • Search in all columns for: leverages SharePoint Search and allows searching in all list or library columns using a single search field.

  • Click the links for additional information on using or configuring the Issues Search Web Part.

Overview of PM Central Hierarchy Overview of the Project Site