PM Central Portfolio – Schedules Tab

PM Central Portfolio – Schedules Tab

Overview of the PM Central Hierarchy Overview of the Portfolio Site

The Schedules tab on the portfolio site displays a Timeline Gantt of active projects as well as a data view of the project tasks associated with active projects.

NOTE: The Web Parts shown on the Schedules page of department sites are the same as those on the portfolio site. The content displayed in the Web Parts will be determined by the department site’s filter configuration.

Schedule tab

Name / Web Part Description
1. Timeline Gantt

Custom PM Central Web Part

The Timeline Gantt Web Part displays a Gantt summary of projects, showing the project timeline of Active projects in the portfolio, and project’s % complete. Clicking a Project timeline or Milestone will provide additional information about the item.

The Timeline Gantt Web Part will not display any content by default. Use the provided toolbar to determine what project timelines will be displayed. TSTimelineGanttdefaul2t.png

  1. To display a filtered view of the active projects in the portfolio, click the filter icon next one or more of the filter types and select the project type, status and/or department you want to display, then click the green arrow.

  2. To display all active projects in the portfolio, simply click the green arrow next to the filter settings.

  3. To clear the filters, click the delete icon.

  4. The default time scale in the Timeline Gantt is months. To change the scale, click Zoom In or Zoom Out in the toolbar menu.

  5. Display project milestones by clicking the Show Milestones option. Click Hide Milestones* to remove them from the Gantt.

  6. Milestones are stacked vertically, or wrapped, by default. To display milestones horizontally, click Unwrap Milestones. To display them vertically again, click Wrap Milestones.

Information on configuring the Timeline Gantt web part is available here

2. Project Summary

Bamboo Data-Viewer Web Part

The Project Tasks list is a display of all project tasks associated with Active projects, that have an Active Phase Status.

  • Tasks with the status Not Started, Completed, Deferred and Waiting on Someone else will be included in this display.

Overview of the PM Central Hierarchy Overview of the Portfolio Site