Support Contracts

Support Contracts

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Technical Support, Maintenance Plans and Services

Thank you for choosing our SharePoint enhancement products. We are pleased to provide you with different support plans to meet the needs of your business. All support tickets shall be submitted in the My Bamboo portal or we cannot guarantee timely support.

Our official support business hours are 8 AM to 6 PM ET (GMT -5) Monday through Friday, however we have a team of engineering experts monitoring our help desk system from late Sunday evening through 6pm on Friday, barring holidays. Our highly qualified off-shore staff can answer many support questions and provide escalations to our US-based team when deemed necessary.


NOTE: Bamboo provides free support via My Bamboo during the free 30-day trial period.

Basic Annual Support & Maintenance (included for one year with the initial product purchase and requires annual renewal):

  • Unlimited access to Bamboo’s Knowledge Base, Online Documentation and Product Forums.
  • My Bamboo support for up to 6 support incidents per year.
  • 2 business day initial response time for Severity 1 & 2 issues.
  • One year of free maintenance and service pack update releases.
  • Email support via the My Bamboo ticketing system.

Premium Annual Support & Maintenance (Please refer to each product’s description page for pricing information)

  • Unlimited access to Bamboo’s Knowledge Base, Online Documentation and Product Forums.
  • My Bamboo support for an unlimited number of incidents per year.
  • 4 business hour initial response time for Severity 1 & 2 issues.
  • When required for an issue, Bamboo may use “call-back” telephone support or web meeting tools from 9 AM to 5:30 PM ET (GMT -5).
  • One year free maintenance and service pack update releases, as well as, major version update releases.
  • Invitation to participate in beta release programs.

Bamboo Support includes:

  • Problem isolation and identification as related to Bamboo products.
  • Bamboo error message analysis and resolution.
  • Bug reporting and follow up.
  • General advice on product issues involving usage, implementation, licensing, operation, and functionality (please note that this does not include how to implement products for specific business use-cases, nor does it include step by step assistance with installing the product in a user environment).
  • Up-to-date information on current releases, product compatibility, restrictions, enhancements, workarounds and fixes.

Bamboo Support specifically does NOT include:

  • Installation Support Services for Bamboo products. For more information about available Installation Support Services, please click here.
  • Bamboo Product Training for administrators or end users. For more information about available Bamboo Product Training, please click here.
  • Design and Configuration Services for Bamboo products. For more information about available Design and Configuration Services for Bamboo products, please click here.
  • System/SharePoint administration not related to Bamboo products.
  • Debugging or inspecting non Bamboo products or implementations that contain user-written code
  • Support of Bamboo products on non-standard or inadequate system environments.
  • Technical support for end of life software releases, as defined by Bamboo .
  • Please note that Bamboo’s support staff is trained to work with SharePoint Administrators, Developers and expert power users.

What You Can Expect

The time required to resolve support questions will vary based upon your specific SharePoint implementation. Our promise to you is to begin problem resolution within the response time period of your contract, and that we will make every reasonable attempt to diagnose and resolve issues in a timely manner. Bamboo Solutions does not guarantee a specific resolution time.

Bamboo will classify support issues and prioritize according to your support plan and the following severity levels:

  • Severity One (Urgent): A severity one (1) issue is a production problem which is severely impacting the client’s production SharePoint environment or Bamboo products; systems are down and no procedural work around exists.
  • Severity Two (Important): A severity two (2) issue is a production issue when service is degraded. While time sensitive, the overall business impact is minimal.
  • Severity Three (Medium): A severity three (3) issue is a medium-to-low impact problem in which there are issues in the production or other environments which need to be resolved, but are not time sensitive. This severity may also be applied to questions about functionality.
  • Severity Four (Low): A severity four (4) issue is a general usage question, recommendation or request. There is no impact to production or other environments.

The Support Process

Help us to help you better by using the My Bamboo portal to report issues to our Support Team. Include as much detail as possible when reporting issues, including exact error messages and specific steps to reproduce the issue. Please include screen shots and a current copy of the applicable web.config file if possible.

When you submit a ticket using My Bamboo you will receive an automated acknowledgment via email that may include links to Product Forums, the Knowledge Base and Online Documentation. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam/junk email folder for the message.

  • A Bamboo Support Engineer will attempt to contact you within the time period designated by your support contract and the determined severity of your issue. We may be able to resolve your issue immediately, however, more commonly, we will request that you follow a particular course of action and then attempt to replicate and diagnose the issue.
  • For customers with premium support, your Support Engineer may request to contact you via telephone or web meeting in order to more quickly collect information about the issue.
  • For all customers, your Support Engineer may ask you to temporarily change your Bamboo configuration, SharePoint configuration and/or reinstall your Bamboo product as part of the troubleshooting process.
  • If these steps do not result in a solution, your Support Engineer will escalate the issue to a Senior Support Engineer and then to our Engineering Team, who will again attempt to replicate the problem, diagnose the root cause, and make a recommendation.

Issue Resolution

Once an issue has been registered through My Bamboo, resolution is defined as accomplishing any one of the following:

  • Providing a reasonable solution to the issue
  • Providing a reasonable work-around to the issue
  • Determination by Bamboo that the issue is an enhancement request and forwarding the request to Bamboo Product Management for future consideration
  • Escalation by the Bamboo Support team of the incident/product defect to Bamboo Engineering for review.

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