Configure TTM’s Timesheet Entry Web Part’s resource data source

Configure TTM’s Timesheet Entry Web Part’s resource data source

TTM Configuration Overview Timesheet Entry Configuration Overview

Before you start to use Time Tracking and Management (TTM) you will need to identify the data-source for the resources that will be able to use TTM to submit timesheets. This is a mandatory configuration step in the Time Tracking configuration checklist, and the TTM configuration decision map is available to help identify which data-source option you should select.

There are two resource data-source options available:

  • The local Timesheet Resources list (default setting)
  • or, PM Central’s Enterprise Resource Pool (ERP).

When configuring the Timesheet Entry Web Part’s resource data-source keep in mind:

  • The selected data-source must contain an entry for each user who needs to enter time into TTM
  • Regardless of the data-source, each user must be configured with a Timesheet Manager.

  • You can use the local Timesheet Resources list even if you have configured the Timesheet Entry web part to use PM Central as the data source for tasks.

    • PM Central project tasks assigned to a user in the Timesheet Resources list will automatically be added to his or her timesheet. You may want to use this configuration if only specific users in your PM Central ERP need to enter timesheets.

Configure the Timesheet Entry Web Part’s resource data source:

NOTE: The following steps require you to have accessed the Timesheet Entry Configuration Settings screens by clicking the Timesheet Entry Web Part Settings button in the Web Part’s configuration tool pane.

Action Result
1. From the Timesheet Entry configuration screen, click the Timesheet Resources button under Data Source Settings in the navigation tool pane. Image of the Navigation Pane with the Bamboo button available. The Timesheet Resources screen will be displayed on the right side of the configuration pop-up

By default the Timesheet Entry Web Part uses the Timesheet Resources list as the resources data-source. If you will use this list, go to step 5 for additional information on configuring the Web Part.

  • Information on using the Timesheet Resources list is available here
2. To use a PM Central ERP as the resource data-source, click the Resource List from Project Management Central radio button PMC data source configuration

Enter the URL of the PM Central portfolio site, and click the green arrow

Both absolute paths (http:// server name/site ) or relative paths(./Site/) can be used for the site URL.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: The PM Central site needs to be located in the same site collection as the TTM site for application integration to be supported.

PMC data source configuration

The following fields will be automatically mapped to the appropriate field in the PM Central Enterprise Resource Pool (ERP)

Timesheet Resources Column Name Description
Timesheet Resource The column that contains the SharePoint user or group who will be entering time in the timesheet.
Timesheet Manage The primary timesheet manager for the Timesheet Resource user. The timesheet manager can approve that user’s timesheet.
Secondary Timesheet Manager The secondary timesheet manager who can approve timesheets when the primary Timesheet Manager is unavailable.
Department The department the Timesheet Resource is a member of. This column is required if you want to view reports of time entered by department.
Standard Rate The labor rate for the resource. This column is required to use the cost tracking features of TTM if you want to use labor rates from PM Central instead of TTM.
Allow Overtime If you enforce Working Hours on timesheets in TTM, select the Yes/No column that indicates whether a resource is allowed to work overtime.
Maximum Unit The maximum percentage of available working hours the resource is allowed to work on tasks. For example, if a part-time resource is only allowed to work 20 hours of a 40-hour week, the resource’s maximum unit is 50%.

Configuration tool paneYou have now configured resource data-source for the Timesheet Entry Web Part.

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