TTM Archive

TTM Archive

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TTM Time Tracking and Management (TTM) provides a tool to clean up the Timesheets list by archiving stale items to another SharePoint list.

  • There are two archive options available:

    • Archive Now – creates an immediate one-time archive of identified timesheet data
    • Save Schedule – uses a timer job to archive timesheet data on a specified schedule
  • The archive process is managed by the Bamboo TTM Timer Job Manager which is responsible for:

    • creating the destination list
    • copying the timesheets that meet the archive criteria from the Timesheets list to the destination list
    • deleting the previously copied items from the TTM Timesheets list

Icon-Warning Important: Once data is deleted from the Timesheets list it will no longer be accessible from Time Tracking and Management (TTM):

  • Users will not be able to view archived records in the Timesheet Entry or Submitted Timesheet displays
  • TTM reports will not include information about archived timesheets
  • A project’s cost and work variance calculations may impacted

To archive timesheet data:

Link from the TTM Control Panel Click the Archive Timesheets link in the TTM Control Panel to access the export tool.

NOTE: To see the link you will need to have Full Control permissions on the TTM site.

# Function
Archive List Details
Archive Parameters

Destination Site URL
Enter the URL of the destination site within the same site collection.

  • Keep the default ./ to export timesheet data to a list in the current site.

Archive List Name

Enter the name of the list that will be created and populated with timesheet data.

Icon-Warning Important: If you create an archive schedule the same list will be continually updated with timesheet data that meets the defined parameters of the archive.

Archive Parameters
Export Parameters

Select one of the options below to identify which timesheets will be included in the archive:

  • Archive timesheets that were created on or before the specified data
  • Archive timesheets when the Timesheet period contains a data within the specified range
  • Archive timesheet that were created “x” number of days before today
5 Click the checkbox if only timesheets with an Approved Status should be archived
Schedule Archive
Schedule Parameters
  • A. Schedule Timesheet Archive
    • Determine how frequently timesheet data will be copied into the destination archive list.
    • The archive process will be managed by the Bamboo TTM Timer Job Manager (timer job)
  • B. Schedule Deletion of Archived data
    • Determine when items that were previously copied into the destination archive list will be deleted from the TTM Timesheets list.
    • Icon-WarningImportant: Once data is deleted from the Timesheets list it will no longer be accessible from TTM.
  • C. Save Schedule
    • You must select the Save Schedule button if you want to use the schedule defined above
    • You are allowed to save ONE scheduled archive. One-time archives that are generated when you click the Archive Now button do not impact the settings of a previously saved archive.
6 Archive Now
Use this button to create an immediate, one-time archive of the identified timesheet data.

Icon-WarningImportant: Once data is copied into the destination archive list it will immediately be deleted from the Timesheets list and will no longer be avaiable in TTM displays, reports, etc.

TTM Configuration Overview TTM Control Panel