Configure the TTM Send Message Web Part

Configure the TTM Send Message Web Part

TTM Configuration Overview Time Tracking Checklist

The TTM Send Message Web Part on the Status and Notifications page lets Timesheet Managers see their resources’ timesheet submission status for the previous and current time periods.

TTM Send MessageWhen configuring the TTM Send Message Web Part keep in mind:

  • Configuration of the web part is a recommended step in the Time Tracking configuration checklist however, if TTM is not configured to use the Timesheet Resources list, you will need to change Web Part’s default resource configuration

  • For information on using the Web Part, click here

  • The Status and Notifications page was added in TTM 2.5

To configure the TTM Send Message Web Part:

Step Action
1. TTM quick launch
From the TTM site, click the Status Timesheet Entry link in the My Resources’ Time quick launch


Use the link in the Time Tracking configuration checklist.


Edit the Web Part on page and click the Send Message Web Part Settings button to access the pop-up configuration window

Icon-Warning IMPORTANT: If you don’t see the dialog screen (shown below), make sure that you have disabled popup blockers for this site.Image of the Configuration window


Use the left hand navigation to access the appropriate configuration screens:

# Function
1 Items per page:

Select the number of resources, between 10 -50, that you want to show per page.

2. Email Message
By default, the email template has the subject line Your timesheet is overdue and has link to the current timesheet in the body.
Default email template

Icon-Warning Important:The message template configured here will only be used when the Send Message button is selected


Resource Configuration

Select a Resource Data Source from ONE of the following

  • Timesheet Resources – this is the default setting and uses the local Timesheet Resources list to get information about users

    • If you will use this list no configuration is required in this section.
  • Resource list from PMC or another Resource list

    • Map columns in the selected list to the columns shown on the left.

      Column mapping


  • Click Customer Support to access available online resources for the web part.
  • If you are unable to find the answer to your question with these resources, our Customer Support engineers are standing by to help.
4. Click Save & Close to commit the changes and exit pop-up configuration screen.

To return to the Time Tracking configuration checklist, use the Time Tracking link in the TTM quick launch menu

Icon-Tip To mark this item as complete in the checklist, click the
Mark as Complete button for the item.
More information on using the checklist is available here

TTM Configuration Overview Time Tracking Checklist