Configuring TTM’s User Profile Import Web Part

Configuring TTM’s User Profile Import Web Part

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Time Tracking and Management’s (TTM) User Profile Import allows user information from a SharePoint User Profile to be imported into TTM, minimizing the data entry required to populate the Timesheet Resources list.

Keep in mind:

Configure the TTM User Profile Import Web Part:

Step Action
1. TTM Control Panel linkFrom the TTM site’s Site Actions menu, select Time Tracking and Management Control Panel.

Edit the Web Part on page and click the Import User Profile Web Part Settings button to access the pop-up configuration window

Icon-Warning IMPORTANT: If you don’t see the dialog screen (shown below), make sure that you have disabled popup blockers for this site.Image of the Configuration window


Use the left hand navigation to access the appropriate configuration screens:

# Function
1 By default, if items are reimported the new user profile information will overwrite the current information in the Timesheet Resources list.
2. Mapping Configuration
Map the fields in the Timesheet Resources list to SharePoint User Profile fields
Mapping screen

Icon-Warning Important:By default, a user’s Manager will be identified as their Primary and Secondary Timesheet Manager.

3. Search screenSearch Criteria Configuration

Select the fields that you want to be able to search from Available fields

Results screenSearch Results Configuration
Select the columns that will be displayed in the search results

NOTE: Columns must be added to the Search Criteria “Selected Columns” before they will be available to display in the search results

5. Language Settings
Modify the Language Settings


  • Click Customer Support to access available online resources for the web part.
  • If you are unable to find the answer to your question with these resources, our Customer Support engineers are standing by to help.
4. Click Save & Close to commit the changes and exit pop-up configuration screen.

TTM Configuration Overview TTM Control Panel