Using the Alert Plus Subscriber Web Part

Using the Alert Plus Subscriber Web Part

Alert Plus Subscriber Web Part displays a list of Bamboo Alerts the current user is subscribed to, either directly or through membership in a SharePoint Group.

NOTE: This web part doesn’t show SharePoint alerts the user subscribed to, it shows alerts that are sent from the Bamboo Alert Plus Web Part. If you are interested in seeing or managing the SharePoint Alerts you or your team is subscribed to, see the Bamboo Alerts Administrator Web Part.

To use Alert Plus Subscriber Web Part, first add the web part to a page. see Configuring the Alert Plus Subscriber Web Part for details.

The Alert Plus Subscriber Web Part automatically displays the Bamboo Alerts for the current user. The main group heading, You are subscribed to these alerts, includes the alerts the logged in user is specifically identified as a recipient.


Alert Subscriber for Julie - cropped.pngSome users may see a grouped view, as shown here. The group called You may be subscribed to these alerts appears if alerts are configured for items like Tasks where the alert is sent to the task assignee. In other words, the recipient is not specifically defined.

By default, Alert Plus Subscriber Web Part displays alerts in groups of 10. You can change the number of items displayed per page by making a selection in the Page size drop-down list at the bottom of the web part. Scroll between pages using the page navigation controls in the lower left corner.

NOTE: The Page size control is not available when using the web part in SharePoint 2013 environments.