Configure Working Hours in TTM

Configure Working Hours in TTM

TTM Control Panel Time Tracking checklist

Time Tracking and Management (TTM) can be configured to restrict time entry to certain days of the week, and can also be configured to validate the number of hours entered per day or per timesheet. This prevents resources from entering time on weekends or from submitting a timesheet that contains more hours than they are allowed to work.

When configuring Working Hours keep in mind:

  • Resources cannot enter time for days that are not selected. This setting affects all resources and all timesheets.

    • By default, working days are Monday – Friday
    • Validation of workdays occurs when time is entered
  • The Validate Working Hours setting allows you to configure the maximum or minimum number of hours allowed per day or per timesheet period (not both).

    • By default, working hours validation is enabled and will verify that users do not enter more than 8 hours a day
    • If a resource attempts to submit a timesheet that violates the selected working hours rule, an error message will be displayed.
    • Validation of working hours occurs when the timesheet is saved or submitted
    • Working hours validation takes into account the Maximum Unit setting for each resource.
  • If a resource is allowed to work overtime, working hours are not validated but workday settings will still apply.

To configure working hours:

Working Hours link in TTM

NOTE: The following steps require you to have accessed the Time Tracking and Management Control Panel and clicked either the Work Hour settings link in the TTM control panel or the link in the Time Tracking Configuration Checklist.

# Function
Configure Working Hours
1. Configure Workdays

To restrict time entry to certain days of the week, select those days in the Workdays setting.
By default time can only be entered Monday – Friday.

Working hours
When the Validate Working Hours check box is selected, TTM will ensure that the time entered complies with the identified rule:

  • Maximum hours per day – 8 (default value)
  • Maximum hours per period – 40 (default value)
  • Minimum hours per period – 40 (default value)

To disable working hours validation for all resources, uncheck the Validate Working Hours option.

Validation takes into account the Maximum Unit setting for each resource

For example: If you have a contractor who can only work 20 hours of a 40-hour workweek, that resource’s Maximum Unit setting would be set to 50% in the Timesheet Resources list or the PM Central Enterprise Resource Pool.

If the Maximum hours per period is set to 40—the contractor would only be allowed to submit 20 hours each week. If he attempts to submit more than 20 hours, he will get an error that must be corrected before his timesheet can be submitted for approval.

3. TTMWorkingHours2.pngClick Save.

To return to the Time Tracking configuration list, use the Time Tracking link in the quick launch menu.

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