How to Use Grants Management Project Site

How to Use Grants Management Project Site

sa02-2010-project_home.jpgGrants Management
project sites allow you to manage and monitor all of the information related to your grant. Each grant project site is a subsite of the master site.

You can do the following in the grant project site:

  • Create new resources, tasks and issues. Manage and track existing resources, tasks and issues.
  • View grant-related documents
  • View grant-related events via the calendar
  • View announcements.
  • And more

Create a Grants Management Project Site

Step Action Result
1. From the Quick Launch under Site Management, click Create New Grant Site. NewGrantProject.png
2. Enter a Title and an optional Description for the grant project site. Choose your permissions.
3. Click Create. Wait while the project site is created.

Now that your Grants Management Project Site has been created, you can add new items to any of the lists that come with the application. See how to work with the Grants Management Project site content items below: