Overview of Data-Viewer Web Part Settings

Overview of Data-Viewer Web Part Settings

Configuration Infographic

Screen shot of the Data View Configuration toolpane screen.
When you edit the Data-ViewerWeb Part the displayed configuration tool pane will include the Data-Viewer Web Part Settings and the
About Web Part sections.

NOTE: The Asynchronous Page Load option can improve page performance if the Web Part contains a lot of data or connects to a data source on another server.

To configure the Web Part:

Edit the web part and click the Data Viewer Web Part Settings button to access the pop-up configuration window

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: If you don’t see the dialog screen, make sure that popup blockers have been disabled for this site.

Image of the Configuration window


Data Source Type: (required step)

Use the radio buttons to Select a Data Source from ONE of the following

  • SharePoint List and Library– Regardless which on-premise version of SharePoint you use, you can select the data from a SharePoint List or Library to be displayed in your Data-Viewer display.
  • SOL Server Table or View – Display a SQL Server 2012, 2008 or 2005 Table or View within the Data-Viewer Web Part.

  • Bamboo List Rollup – Lets you display content aggregated from multiple lists with Bamboo List Rollup

  • Business Connectivity Services – Integrate external application data into Data-Viewer with a Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS) application.

The corresponding button will be available in the navigation pane, allowing you to access the data source’s configuration screen.


Data Analysis:



4 Click Customer Support to access available online resources for the web part. If you are unable to find the answer to your question with these resources, our Customer Support engineers are standing by to help.

Configuration Infographic