Overview of Calendar Plus Configuration Settings

Overview of Calendar Plus Configuration Settings

Screen shot of the Calendar Plus Configuration Settings screen.  Highlighted areas are discussed in the table below
Calendar Plus is configured in the Web Part Settings
pop up window accessed from the Web part’s
configuration tool pane when you click the Calendar Plus Web Part Settings button.

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1. General Settings: From the General Settings screen you define the general display options that influence the appearance of the web part and how users will interact with the content. You also decide whether the calendar events will be based on a single date or an interval.
2. Look and Feel: Image of the Look and Feel Settings screen The appearance of the web part can be modified from this screen via skin selections and/ or by creating Custom CSS.

Cell borders are displayed by default, but can be easily removed.

3. Select a Language: Customize the language setting to match the site of regional language setting.

image of the Language Settings screen


Data Source Type: Configuration of a data source is required
to use Calendar Plus.
Click Data Source Type and from the settings page select the data source for calendar content from ONE of the following
Edited image of Data source settings screen

  • SharePoint List and Library – This option, selected by default, allows up to 10 SharePoint Lists and libraries with date/time columns to be
    displayed in a single instance of Calendar Plus.

  • SQL Server Table or View – Display a SQL Server 2005 or 2008 Table or View within the Calendar Plus Web part.

  • Bamboo Solutions List Rollup – lets you display content aggregated from multiple lists with List Rollup in the calendar

  • BCS or MashPoint – Integrate external application in to Calendar Plus with a Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS) application.

  • Microsoft Exchange – Overlay and display calendar events from a single Exchange calendar onto Calendar Plus Web Part (can be combined with any Data Source).
    Microsoft Exchange Calendar feature added in Calendar Plus 4.7

The button associated with the selected data source will be available on the left navigation pane, allowing you to access the data source’s configuration screen.


View Settings: Configuration of the following settings is optional, but will allow you to modify the default values Calendar Plus uses to display calendar items in the various views.