Overview of Navigator Configuration

Overview of Navigator Configuration

ConfigurationToolPane.jpgNavigators lets users create custom menus, tabs, tree items, and a Site Actions menu to navigate to sites, pages, or lists within and across sites and site collections. These navigation controls can help build a clean, user-friendly site that requires customized navigation controls. For example, if you have multiple sub-sites, various projects or links, you can simply go to the specific site by changing tabs instead of opening a separate browser window and entering the URL. Navigators lets you add tabs to the page. By changing the styles or content of the master page, you can quickly customize the appearance of an entire site and use it for other pages.

The image here is noted with numbers that refer to each of the sections on the configuration tool pane. To get started configuring the web part, follow the instructions in each of the topics linked below:

No. Section Description
1. Select List, View, Sort and Icon Options Select your list and view and map the columns in your list to the items that the web part needs to function.
2. Navigator Look and Feel Settings These settings control how the Navigator tabs appear in your site.
3. Navigator Display and Navigation Settings These settings drive the orientation and levels of menus within the Navigators.
4. Localize Bamboo Web Parts for your Language Bamboo products can be configured to display product menus, user interface text, and settings in your local language. You can also customize the default text provided with the product. To change the language or text a product displays, perform the steps described in this topic.

Navigators has three web parts you can use: Tree View, Tabs and Mega Menus as well as a site collection feature that you may want to configure:

Navigator Web Part How To Configure
TreeViewNav.jpg Configuring the Bamboo Tree Menu Navigator Web Part
TabStripNav.jpg Configuring the Bamboo Navigator Tab Strip Web Part

Add Menus using the Drag & Drop Menu Editor

MMexample.jpg Add Mega Menus directly to the Bamboo Navigators List

Add Mega Menus using the Drag & Drop Menu Editor

Site Collection Feature for Navigator Site Action Menu
NavigatorsSiteActionMenu.png Configuring the Bamboo Site Action Menu Feature

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