How to Configure Calendar Plus App

How to Configure Calendar Plus App

AddListr.pngFrom the Site Contents, select Calendar Plus or from the Settings icon 0002.jpg, select Calendar Plus Settings.

From the Calendar Plus Settings, select the list(s) that you want to display in the calendar from Add List or Library to Calendar option.

When you select the Add List or Library option, a new window is displayed that contains the settings to configure the list or library. There are two sections: Required Steps and Optional Steps. Required Steps are the minimum settings you must configure in order to include the list or library in the Calendar Plus App.

Required Steps:

Step Action Result
1. Select a SharePoint List or Library Step1.jpg
2. Included SharePoint List or Library General Description

This section defines which lists or libraries will be included in the Calendar Plus App.

  • Name your calendar: this name will be what is displayed in the Color Legend.
  • Select Color to identify the calendar: this color will identify the list or library in each cell on the calendar.
3. Base Columns
  • Item Display Column: From the drop-down menu, select a column that contains the values that you want to display in the item cell of the Calendar view.

  • Start Date and End Date: Select the Date and Time columns in the list or library to be displayed in the Calendar view, such as Modified, Created, Start Time and End Time. 0011.jpg0012.jpg

Optional Steps:

Step Action Result
4. Columns to Display in Item Tooltip

Use this option to display specific columns in a tooltip that is displayed when users mouse over an item in the calendar.

  • Select columns under Available Columns. To select multiple columns, press SHIFT or CTRL while clicking your mouse.

  • Click the arrow buttons to move the desired column(s) to Selected Columns.

  • Use the up and down arrow buttons to reorder the columns under Selected Columns.
5. Item Identification

Choose a column to color code; then choose whether you want the colors to be Gradient or Solid.

NOTE: If you select Gradient, note that the column value colors will not display gradient colors in this Settings screen. However, the App does display the gradient.

The column values are displayed under Column Values. To change the color for a value, simply click the color. The Bamboo Color Picker opens in a new window.

NOTE: Columns of type Choice, Lookup, and Person or Group are supported for color coding and icon assignment.

Change the color by doing one of the following:

  1. Drag the marker
  2. Change the Hue (H), Saturation (S), Brightness (B), Red (R), Green (G) and Blue (B) values
  3. Switch to Alpha color mode (A)
  4. Enter a hex value (#FFAAFF)
  5. Select a new color from the options on the right

Click Save to save and apply your settings.
Then click Apply in the settings to apply the settings.