Troubleshooting Community Central Timer Jobs

Troubleshooting Community Central Timer Jobs

You can troubleshoot these issues related to Community Central timer jobs:

  • Statistics Web Parts such as Top Rated, Most Viewed, and Top Experts do not display current data.
  • The Site Members list does not indicate new activity even after five minutes.
  • The timer jobs do not display on the Job Definitions page or have failed to run.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the above issues:

Step Action Description
1. Verify that the timer jobs are running for each Web application that you have created.

Go to Central Administration > Monitoring > Timer Jobs and click Check job status.

Locate both timer jobs under History.
SA15_CheckJobStatus.jpgYou will see both timer jobs: SA15_TrblshootTimerJobs3.jpg

2. AFTER the Bamboo Community Central: Master Timer Job and Bamboo Community Central: Update Site Information timer job have both completed with a Status of Succeeded, manually run both of them.

Perform these steps for both timer jobs:

  • In Central Administration, click Monitoring.
  • In the Timer Jobs section, click Review job definitions.
  • Locate and click the name of the timer job.
  • On the Edit Timer Job page, click Run Now at the bottom of the page.
3. If a timer job is not running, it is not listed on the Timer Job Status page under Running.

If the timer job failed or did not initialize, it displays on the Timer Job Status page, but the Status is Failed and the initialization is 0%.

To fix this, you must deactivate and then reactivate the timer job. Alternatively, you can start and stop the SharePoint 2010 Timer service.

To deactivate and reactivate a timer job:

  • Navigate to Central Administration > Application Management and click Manage web applications.
  • Click to select the desired Web application, and then click Manage Features on the Web Applications ribbon.

  • Click Deactivate next to the timer job and click Activate, then click OK.

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Community Central Timer Jobs

Community Central Timer Jobs

Community Central has two timer jobs, each of which are set by default to run every five minutes. The schedule on which each of these timer jobs run can be modified, as shown below, but cannot be set to run less often than every five minutes. These two jobs are the:

  • Bamboo Community Central: Master Timer Job
  • Bamboo Community Central: Update Site Information – /Sites/SiteName (where the system populates the site name)

Two Community Central Timer Jobs

  1. Master Timer Job is the master timer job of the Community Central Web application. This master timer job creates the Bamboo Community Central: Update Site Information – /Sites/SiteName timer job referenced below. As an example, if you have two Web applications, then you will have two master timer jobs. If, in one Web application, you create two instances of Community Central—one at http://server:80/SiteA/CommunityCentral and one at http://server:80/sites/SiteB/CC —the master timer job will create two update site information timer jobs for Web application 80 per the two server instances.

  2. Update Site Information – /Sites/Site Name timer job queries the User Activity list to determine what activities have occurred in the last five minutes based on the Last Run Date Time. This job then calculates user information based on scoring rules, and updates the Site Members list with information such as the SharePoint user, total points, number of verified answers, number of suggested answers, number of threads, number of replies, and last activity date. This information is used to determine statistics for categories such as Most Active Users and Top Experts, and also is updated into the Forum Summary and Blog Summary lists.

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Start and stop SharePoint 2010 Timer Service

Start and stop SharePoint 2010 Timer Service

To stop and restart the SharePoint 2010 Timer service for Community Central:

Step Action Description
1. Navigate to Start > Administrative Tools > Services. SA15_TrblshootTimerJobs7.jpg
2. Select the SharePoint 2010 Timer service.

Stop and restart the timer using the options at the top, left of the window or by right-clicking on SharePoint 2010 Timer.

Check the timer job(s) again to make sure they are running and that the community, blog, and forum sites display current data.