TTM Configuration Home Page

TTM Configuration Home Page

Once you have created your new TTM site you will have a number of configuration decisions to make that will determine how you, and your users, will interact with the Time Tracking and Management (TTM) application.

Use the links below to access configuration topics:

TimeTrackingMgtTime Tracking & Management Configuration Overviews
Time Tracking Configuration Checklist

You must complete the Time Tracking Checklist before you will be able to use TTM.

TTM Configuration Decision Map

Use the decision map to determine how your instance of TTM should be configured.

Cost Tracking Configuration Checklist

Complete if you will use TTM to track project costs.

Timesheet Entry Configuration Overview

Configuring this web part is a mandatory step in the Time Tracking configuration checklist.

TTM Control Panel Overview

A look at the tools available in the TTM Control Panel.

TTM Permissions

Overview of permissions required in TTM.

TimeTrackingMgtTime Tracking & Management Configuration Topics
TTM Site Management
What version of TTM are you using?
TTM Upgrade Manager
Using TTM Groups
Report Center Administrators and Members
Auto Approved Resources
Bulk Approvers
Alerts and Messaging
What alerts come with TTM?
Enable TTM alerts
TTM Status and Notification center
Manage Timesheet Data
Access TTM Reports
Export TTM Timesheets
Archive Timehsheets
Timesheet column display options
Modify column display names
Hide columns in the Timesheet Entry display
TTM Resources data source
Configure resources data-source
Configuring TTM’s User Profile Import
Using PM Central Resources in TTM
TTM Tasks data source
Configure tasks data-source
Create a rollup of SharePoint Tasks lists
Use PM Central Tasks
Administrative Time
Configure Administrative Tasks data-source
Add categories to the Administrative Time list
Cost Tracking Configuraton
Define Labor Rates
TTM Cost Tracking
Create Cost Codes
Change the TTM site appearance
Change the Pending My
Approval display to show more items by default
Change the Timesheet Entry skin
Change the site skin
Populating lists
Add tasks to the Timesheet Tasks list
Add users to the Timesheet Resources list