How to find the version of a Bamboo Custom Column

How to find the version of a Bamboo Custom Column

NOTE: In order to find the version of a Bamboo custom column, you need to be able to access one of the Web Front End (WFE) servers in your SharePoint farm.

Icon-Tip Using SharePoint 2013? If so, check this video for specific instructions.

Step Action
1. On one of the Web front-end servers in the SharePoint Farm, browse to the %systemroot%assembly folder. This is typically in c:WindowsAssembly, but could be in a different location on your WFE server.

Locate the product assembly for the product you are interested in. Right click the assembly name and choose Properties from the menu that appears. The
windows assembly.jpg
The Properties dialog will appear.

For each custom column, find the appropriate assembly name in the table below:

Product Name Assembly Name
Column Level Security Bamboo.FieldLevelSecurityColumn
Custom Identifier Bamboo.CustomIdentifierColumn
KPI Bamboo.KPIColumn
Lookup Selector Bamboo.LookupPlus
Rating Bamboo.RatingColumn
Rich Text Bamboo.RichText
Validator Bamboo.ColumnValidator
Visual Indicator Bamboo.VisualIndicator

Select the Version tab to view detailed version information about the assembly. Within the listing is an attribute labeled File Version. This is the version of the current installed product.
assembly properties.png

NOTE: If you are running SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013, the first digit representing the major version has an extra 0. See About Bamboo product Version Numbers for more information.

Highlights of Validator Column

Highlights of Validator Column

ValidatorColumn.pngValidator Column enables you to create programmatic restrictions on values entered into a list column, so that data is automatically validated before being stored, and invalid data can be immediately corrected by users.

With just a few steps, it is easy to create a Validator Column using a number of different comparison methods:

  • Use Pattern Comparison, and dial up a predefined pattern for many common business applications (phone number, e-mail address, social security number), or create your own, using regular expressions for validating elaborate custom SKUs and other data with complex format requirements
  • Restrict numeric or date-based values to a specific range with Range Comparison
  • Or use Value Comparison to base your data restrictions on a fixed value, OR the current value of another column in the list — and use arguments like Greater Than/Less Than, Contains/Does Not Contain to further customize your rules

With the Validator Column, invalid data is quickly flagged as it is entered and the user can be alerted and assisted with custom error messages. There is no need to worry about improperly formed data polluting your list.

Overview of the Validator Column configuration screen

Overview of the Validator Column configuration screen

Image of SharePoint list with one visual progress bar indicators and color status indicatorsThe Bamboo Validator Column lets you validate column data, and ensures that it matches predefined or custom formats, ranges, and structures.

The Validator Column checks data as it is entered, preventing invalid data from being added to a list.

Image of the Validator Column configuration screenThe above image has been edited to better represent the configuration options.

1. From the List Settings menu, click Create column, then enter the Column name.

2. Select the Bamboo Validator radio button. The screen will refresh.

3. Choose the type of data to be entered into the column from the Column Data Type drop down menu.
The available choices are:

  • Single Line of Text

  • Number

  • Currency

  • Date and Time

NOTE: Additional formatting options may appear in the configuration screen based on your selection.

4. Check Input Required if this is a required field.

5. Identify how the column contents will be validated by selecting the appropriate validator mode check box:

  • Pattern Comparison: allows the Bamboo Validator to compare the user-entered value with a pre-defined pattern or custom expression.

  • Range Comparison: allows the Bamboo Validator to compare a user-entered value to a specific range of Administrator-defined values.

    NOTE: This option will NOT be available if Single Line of Text is selected as the column data type.

  • Column and Value Comparison: lets Bamboo Validator compare the user-entered value with a pre-defined value, or a value found in another column in the current list.

    Icon-Tip Multiple Validator Modes can be selected when configuring a single column.

To include custom tool tip text for the column, enter it in the Tool Tip Text field. Users will see this text when they mouse over the column in the New or Edit forms.

NOTE: This field will only be available in the configuration screen when a validator mode is selected.

Complementary Products for Validator Column

Complementary Products for Validator Column

sharepointsolutions.pngYou will find many of our products complement each other quite nicely saving you the time and trouble to write custom code. With Bamboo at the heart of your SharePoint investment, you gain access to a huge catalog of enhancements, components, and accessories that add the critical functionality your business requires.

The same components can be easily used in future applications and they all come from a single, trusted vendor, ensuring an easy purchase process and support you can count on. That’s the Bamboo Way!